Mobile Promotions done right.


Post promotions onto the network whenever you want for whatever you want. Set expiry dates, estimated savings, and your own cool custom image or GIF to get new and old customers to save, like and redeem your promotion to help you increase your sales.

Club Promotions

Do you want to give a customized promotion to a select group of people? With Seecows, you can talk to club owners and distribute a customized promotion to only their exclusive club members like the Harvard University Seecows Club, the Tim Ferris Club or many others.

Direct Promotions

If a customer messages your business in the Seecows App you can respond by attaching a customized promotion for them. This is a great way to reward great customers, and offer a personalized touch to help keep your customers coming back more often.

Let the crowd help distribute your promotions

Seecows's activity feed allows users to see every promotion their friends like and comment on in Seecows. This allows the crowd to help distribute your promotion with a quick tap or comment. So the more creative your image or GIF is along with the better your promotion, the further it will spread beyond just your followers.

Track Redemptions.

Every promotion you launch on the network your able to track the number of impressions, likes, saves and even redemptions! This makes tracking your marketing efforts simple and effective.

Build Followers.

Every follower you have on Seecows can be more valuable than getting their email address. Why is that? Because all your followers receive a push notification when you launch a promotion and are reminded to use any promotion they save 48 hours before your promotion expires even if they aren’t following your business! Email is not optimised for delivering mobile promotions - Seecows is.

Ready to give Seecows a try?

Seecows is most useful, and a lot more fun, when you get your loyal fans to start following you early on. Check out these handy guides featuring our best tips and other helpful information for getting started and growing your Seecows following.

Getting Started with Seecows

Seecows is free for as long as you want and with an unlimited number of followers.

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